work hard party harder

I'll never fit in cos I wasn't made to.

cher lloyd stans.

aggie  ♥ maria  ♥ shannon ♥

stanning the fuck out of cher lloyd. she's the swag queen. that is all. please REBLOG, we bet cher doesn't approve reposting! peace, love and Woodstock. xo

 pigeons stanning.


Q: Where did you get your theme?

A: The girl who made it deleted her blog like a year ago and i had saved it on my computer. So i can’t link you to the code to it. And also, the original theme looks a bit different, because i changed it. - aggie

Q: What do you use to make your edits/gifs?

A: We use Photoshop. I use Photoshop CS4 Extended. - aggie

Q: Follow back?

A: Unfortunetly, we don’t do follow backs. Because we believe it wouldn’t be fair if we followed some of you and didn’t follow the others.